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IntraMAX Reviewed | Description, Composition, Benefits, Side effects and Approvals

A 4.5-star rating on Amazon is what caught our interest towards the duckerlabs’ latest nutritional supplement intraMAX®. This multivitamin liquid supplement is reviewed by customers of all age groups above 12 years to be a wonder of the druckerlabs’ innovative intraCELL technology. The cold-fill manufacturing process allows the inclusion of more than 415 natural active ingredients without any of them losing their nutritional profile, all thanks to the cold-fill manufacturing process.

The liquid supplement is said to be enriched with naturally extracted fulvic acid. The results can be witnessed in overall improvement in muscular, skeletal, and neurological health, with direct impact on the energy, immunity, wellness, and cellular function of the user. This is great for people who have been looking forward to supplement their weight management programs with something nutritious and organic.
Intramax All in One Liquid Supplement

Recommended dosage of IntraMAX:

There are a few dosage protocols as specified by the makers of IntraMAX®. The label clearly instructs the users to maintain a high intake of non-chlorinated or filtered spring water post consumption of the product. To get the best results out of this multivitamin complex, it is advised that the consumers refrain from combining its consumption with other pharmaceutical or nutraceutical drugs for at least two hours after its intake. One fluid ounce at the beginning of each day is sufficient to maintain the routine in adults over the course of time. However, only half an ounce is recommended for kids over four years in age. 

IntraMAX Benefits :

  1. The intraMAX® is a perfect supplement that comprises a blend of 415 active natural ingredients to complete daily dietary requirement and relieve the body of harmful toxins.
  2. It is enriched with a careful selection of vitamins, trace and macro minerals, probiotic elements, anti-oxidants, digestive enzymes, fruits, vegetables, fatty acids, bioflavonoids, and amino acids. Most of these are not included in an individual’s normal dietary compositions.
  3. The presence of fulvic acid facilitates the absorption of the bioactive ingredients.
  4. Its organic composition makes it suitable for the vegetarian and vegan customers as well.
  5. All ingredients help to reinforce strength and improve functions for the organ systems.
  6. The enzymes improve digestive health and stimulates vitamin and mineral absorption.
  7. The enhanced immunity protects the body from a wide range of infectious and autoimmune diseases.
  8. Being low glycemic and hypoallergenic, this liquid microcomplexed™ trace mineral supplement, is suitable for diabetic patients, people on weight management schedules, and those who are highly sensitive to a change in dietary elements.
  9. A single one-ounce dosage suffices the maintenance of routine administration, and is preferable over swallowing a handful of pills multiple times a day.
  10. An appetizing peach mango flavor ensures that taste is not the barrier between you and your health management.
  11. Remarkable technological advantage over the preexisting competition from the supplements in global markets.
  12. The fact that its results have been attested through clinical trials make it a safe choice among the health-conscious population.
  13. What is even better than the fact that intraMAX® comes from the trusted name of Dr. Richard Drucker, which is a respectable name in the field of natural health.


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