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Synedrex Reviews - Proven weight loss supplement or scam?

Synedrex By Metabolic Nutrition - Overview

Synedrex is diet pill which stands up to help dieters reduce weight fast by cutting fat and fluid weight. It also regulates hunger by suppressing appetite. This diet pill is generally offers good energy supply which promotes active life style, obstruct fats and help to reduce weight faster.

Synedrex is manufactured and developed by Metabolic Nutrition. Synedrex ingredients contain some fat burners in it which is helpful for your weight loss and fat burning.

Metabolic Nutrition claims it as the “Optimum dose per day for thermogenic”, its weight loss characteristics are only because of its 815 mg special mixture made up of 13 herbal ingredients which activates the main neurological system to better metabolic process and lose fat.
Synedrex Weight Loss Pills

Ingredients in Synedrex

Chromium, coffee anhydrous, green tea leaf, Garcia Cambodia, l-tyrosine, l-carnitine, HPMC, cocoa extract, 5-HTP, and jojoba bean

Synedrex - Product Features

Synedrex is dietary supplement which is developed to provide energy, shed carbs, improve metabolic process and to help the budding dieters to shed some extra weight. Dieters are suggested to take 1-2 pills two times a day. When looking at its price the manufacturer priced it for more than $50 for a pack of 90 capsules.  If dieters are taking 2 pills a day, it means the pack of 90 will lasts for less than a month, which indeed a matter of concern.


Synedrex contains minerals and vitamins with some proven fat burning components. The officials site of Synedrex all info regarding ingredients and facts to consider like every other dietary products. The official site also consists of user testimonials and real consumer comments.


Synedrex made up of optimum quantity of caffeine like it contains are 350 mg per dose, which could be a severe concern for sensitive persons. It could trigger side effects like jitters, irritations if it taken for long time. On the price tag of $50, this is amongst highly priced dietary supplement available in market. If we take a look at its composition there is no any genuine workout or diet plan associated, it is quite skeptical to lose weight by simply taking pills.

As you stop taking these pills, there are some chances that the excess weight may return because there was not a witness of change in diet or day-2-day behavior.

Final Verdict

It is upon you to decide to try Synedrex for your weight loss, Synedrex possibly contains some useful weight loss ingredients as well, however if you feel nauseous and bad, I don’t suggest to you. If you have tried something for weight loss in past, you will possibly like Synedrex for your weight loss. If it is assumed to take note, to be on safer side you must not to bet your health for something like fast weight loss.


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