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Vysera Cls Reviews - A Miracle Weight Loss Pill Or Scam?

Vysera Cls is a pill type dietary supplement which is promoted to help lose weight and reduces fat by absorbing the  calories from our food. we will review the product in detail including its Ingredients, Formulation, How it works, side effects, dosage, cost, its side effects and real user's reviews and comments.

A lot of peoples in US is looking and stumbling for the right weight loss product to get rid of their excess weight, or to lower their extra fat, but sadly they are unable to do get the best product for their needs. But don’t worry bcoz we here @ this place will get you to the best detailed review of the product. 

After extensive research we have hands on review of new weight loss pill Vysera Cls – which claimed to be the best and result oriented weight loss pill.  
Vysera Cls Complete review


Vysera Cls actually has an exceptional quality to absorb the calories in the consumed food, so then it is also 
claimed itself as a Miracle Weight Loss pill. 

The extra calorie absorbing mechanism is the main USP of this product due to which it enable the user to control as well as lose the extra weight.

About Manufacturer 

The product Vysera cls is manufactured by Bremenn Clinical as per the official website claims. We are not able to get any type of contact mechanism available on the official website, but by goggling it you can easily find Bremenn Clinical’s website.But after referring the Bremenn Clinical’s website you will not able to get any much verified information like place of manufacture, contact email, phone number. The website just showcases different type of products which are offered by them.

Ingredients In Vysera Cls – 

While most of the ingredients are not harmful, people should check if they are allergic to certain ingredients.

The ingredients found in Vysera Cls.
  1. L-lysine -   This component plays a key role in converting fats in to energy and increases body capacities.
  2. L-arginine –It is very important in muscle growth as it balances the human growth harmone.
  3. Oxo-Proline – It is an efficient antioxidant, which is very much useful to slow down the ageing process.

How Does Vysera Cls Work?

While researching we are not able to get detailed information about this product, on official site as well, so it 
is not a good job to present some unknown facts here now, but as we get update about it we will add it here.

What is the effect?

While considering normal circumstances, this product is scientifically proven to reduce weight and body fats. It also helps to increase metabolism and thus reduces our appetite making us lean each time we look at the mirror.

Vysera Cls Advantages –

  • It is one of its kind pill which converts fats in energy and increases body capabilities.
  • It absorbs calories from our heavy foods; hence we gain no weight from regular food.

Vysera Cls Disadvantages –

  • It is quite expensive compared to other weight loss pills in the market.
  • Actual ingredient content in formulation is not given. So it’s a big gamble with health.
  • No any authoritative proof available on the official site or its manufacturer site about it.

Cost and Dosage

Cost of A single bottle of Vysera CLS is $99 and will contain 60 capsules exactly. But, you can get this product @ $79, if you subscribe it on a monthly basis. 

People are suggested to seize 1 capsule 30 minutes prior breakfast and 30 minutes prior to lunch. 

Vysera CLS Side Effects 

It is advised to check the ingredients with your doctor, if it’s not suitable to you please don’t take it, it may 
result in serious side effects.Avoid this product in or immediate after pregnancy.

A diverse range of products claim to help in weight reduction but a few can do the job properly. It looks like this product is from a company where no any verified contacts or detailed formulation about the product is present. 

Health & Fitness magazine suggests you not to gamble your health by using these types of products.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

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Zydrex Reviews - Is It Really a Product For Consideration?

Why to try Zydrex? Is it the best weight loss product available? Are there any side effects of Zydrex? 

You will find all answers here:-

A load of population in America is penetrating for the right weight loss product to lower their obese level and thus is investing thousands to observe practical results. Despite their efforts they fail miserably, but not to worry because an efficient solution has entered the market, Zydrex. Before you invest in this product, let us minutely consider its features and come to an appropriate wrapping up for all of us.


Zydrex actually has an exceptional perception where it aims to control the hypothalamus of the brain cells. This is the actual reason why people are supposed to get slimmer.
While most of the ingredients are not harmful, people should check if they are allergic to certain ingredients but before, let us see the effect.

Zydrex diet pills

What is the effect?

While considering normal circumstances, this product is scientifically proven to reduce weight and body fats. It also helps to increase metabolism and thus reduces our appetite making us leanly each time we look at the mirror.


  • Coffee is known to help in weight reduction process, but a few have taken it as an advantage. Zydrex manufacturers were well aware of this fact and hence researched more on coffee and came with a distinctive solution.
  • Green coffee: Green coffee bean extract is one of the most important ingredients in Zydrex. These non-roasted green coffee beans are known to have ample amount of chlorogenic acid. This acid which is rather a compound is useful to boost our body metabolism and helps assimilation of glucose to a maximum level.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: A form of caffeine which has low water content will help you to burn excessive fats in your body by growing thermogenesis actions in our body and stimulating the brain.
  • Di-caffeine Malate: This special coffee, a usual softer than the others is capable of converting fats into carbon dioxide and water. This is done by proper acid called malic acids.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis: It helps to decrease fat cells and low the cholesterol level also known as African mango. The seed of this fruit is used to make this product and is a commanding apparatus to shrink weight.

Cost and Dosage

Cost of this product is $69 and will contain 60 capsules exactly. People are suggested to seize 1 capsule 30 minutes prior breakfast and 30 minutes prior to lunch.

Side Effects:

People who aren’t friends with coffee should not use this product, since it is fully filled with coffee beans. If you want guidance, ask your family doctor and then opt for this medication.


A diverse range of products claim to help in weight reduction but a few is effective and one successful product is Zydrex.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Diet Chart to reduce Weight Quickly - Guaranteed

Want to reduce weight? want to shed some pounds by balance diet? want to know about Balance Diet? Read this article ! 
“When people tell me they can’t afford to join a gym, I tell them to go outside; planet Earth is a gym and we’re already members. Run, climb, sweat, and enjoy all of the natural wonder that is available to you.” 
Steve Maraboli in fact inscribed a hale and hearty relation between health and environment. Thus to reduce weight or rather spotlighting fitness there isn’t much to do. People are more or less confused and skeptical about being fit. The common notion being, if you weigh less then you are healthy which is quite untrue. To understand this concept appropriately, you must continue reading.


If you are already in good shape, regular workout will help you to maintain your body structure but if you are obese or a little heavy, gym won’t suffice. Since you have to lose body weight, first target the areas where excessive fat is saturated and ask your gym instructor to focus on those body parts. Indian diet is somewhat heavy with unnecessary ghee and oil floating in various recipes.
  • First and foremost try reducing use of oil and ghee to a minimum.
  • Include fruit and mushrooms in your diet
  • Try to inculcate dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates and apricots.
  • Fiber content should be increased.
  • Restrict aerated drinks and try drinking fresh fruit juice or lassi. 

Diet chart

A sample diet chart is shown below.
  • Use of eggs, toast and soya milk is best for breakfast. If you are a cereal person, you can have one bowl in the morning. Sometimes take in oats for a healthy breakfast.
  • Morning snack is necessary consisting of curds and a bowl of salad. You can include the below mentioned foodstuffs as well.
  • Lunch should be well served with chicken but if you are a vegetarian then try mushrooms, Farmer Cheese and other suitable veggies.
  • Afternoon snack is a best way to stay healthy since it should have some dry fruits, one fresh seasonal fruit and some low fat muffins served with low fat cheese.
  • Dinner should be more like lunch but it should be consumed in a restricted way.

Functional Tips

  • Go for a morning and evening walk (at least morning walk is obligatory).
  • Aerobic exercise is a key to live a healthy life.
  • Yoga and meditation will help to calm your mind and your body will react positively to the exercises.
  • Finally try playing a sport daily or weekly to speed up the effect.


Get proper amount of sleep to stay fit and healthy also drink plenty of water. These are some of the things you should do and follow for reducing weight. Follow this and see the results for yourself within a week.
Finally you can follow the below steps for a better impact
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Thursday, June 26, 2014


Synedrex Reviews - Proven weight loss supplement or scam?

Synedrex By Metabolic Nutrition - Overview

Synedrex is diet pill which stands up to help dieters reduce weight fast by cutting fat and fluid weight. It also regulates hunger by suppressing appetite. This diet pill is generally offers good energy supply which promotes active life style, obstruct fats and help to reduce weight faster.

Synedrex is manufactured and developed by Metabolic Nutrition. Synedrex ingredients contain some fat burners in it which is helpful for your weight loss and fat burning.

Metabolic Nutrition claims it as the “Optimum dose per day for thermogenic”, its weight loss characteristics are only because of its 815 mg special mixture made up of 13 herbal ingredients which activates the main neurological system to better metabolic process and lose fat.
Synedrex Weight Loss Pills

Ingredients in Synedrex

Chromium, coffee anhydrous, green tea leaf, Garcia Cambodia, l-tyrosine, l-carnitine, HPMC, cocoa extract, 5-HTP, and jojoba bean

Synedrex - Product Features

Synedrex is dietary supplement which is developed to provide energy, shed carbs, improve metabolic process and to help the budding dieters to shed some extra weight. Dieters are suggested to take 1-2 pills two times a day. When looking at its price the manufacturer priced it for more than $50 for a pack of 90 capsules.  If dieters are taking 2 pills a day, it means the pack of 90 will lasts for less than a month, which indeed a matter of concern.


Synedrex contains minerals and vitamins with some proven fat burning components. The officials site of Synedrex all info regarding ingredients and facts to consider like every other dietary products. The official site also consists of user testimonials and real consumer comments.


Synedrex made up of optimum quantity of caffeine like it contains are 350 mg per dose, which could be a severe concern for sensitive persons. It could trigger side effects like jitters, irritations if it taken for long time. On the price tag of $50, this is amongst highly priced dietary supplement available in market. If we take a look at its composition there is no any genuine workout or diet plan associated, it is quite skeptical to lose weight by simply taking pills.

As you stop taking these pills, there are some chances that the excess weight may return because there was not a witness of change in diet or day-2-day behavior.

Final Verdict

It is upon you to decide to try Synedrex for your weight loss, Synedrex possibly contains some useful weight loss ingredients as well, however if you feel nauseous and bad, I don’t suggest to you. If you have tried something for weight loss in past, you will possibly like Synedrex for your weight loss. If it is assumed to take note, to be on safer side you must not to bet your health for something like fast weight loss.
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Capsiplex Reviews – Read Its Ingredients, Side Effects and Warnings

Capsiplex In-Depth Review:

When talking about weight loss first question asked to be is, do you really spend your hard earned money on that? After spending much of money on it you are not able to lose your weight off? Have you tried everything to lose? Several people starve themselves to get in that dream shape, are you one of them? Several girls or ladies want to get that trimmed shape are you one of them? If these are your questions and you really want to lose weight then you must read about this proven and effective weight loss pill Capsiplex.
Capsiplex Diet pills

Several celebrities also use this magic weight loss aid, with Capsiplex you can:
  • lose weight easily
  • keep the bulk out
  • No harmful side effects or reactions
  • Fast results
  • No harsh diet or rigorous exercise to lose weight
  • Active Feeling
  • Live good life

What is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is proven and scientifically made diet pill which enables a user to lose weight easily and much effectively that user can see its results in given time. It is manufactured in UK and is becoming highly reputed in various countries with is results. Lots of consumers finding it really helpful to lose weight that more and more consumers are referring this to their mates and colleagues.
This pill has already showed proven in clinically performed studies when compared to several weight loss aids and supplements.

What it claims?

Capsiplex helps user to burn 260-270 calories as per Manufacturer Company...
  • With Capsiplex there is:
  • No need to die hard exercise
  • No harsh diets and fasts
  • No restrictions at all
  • No lack of energy
  • No extreme requires
  • No limits for eating, eat what you want
Capsiplex is the best and easiest way to lose weight, especially if other products and techniques have not worked for you in the past.

How does Capsiplex work to lose weight?

Capsiplex is made up of special ingredients that help body to drop weight fast and helps to burn stored fats. It accelerates metabolism, suppress hunger and promotes active life style by maintaining optimum energy levels. And active lifestyle helps to lose and burn more fat fast.

Capsiplex Ingredients:

Capsicum: As the name suggests it is made up of capsicum, which is naturally found which is come from the red pepper which is well reputed for its characteristics of burning fat as well as control appetite.
Basically red peppers are hot in nature and when they are consumed the body temperature is increased. And when body naturally maintains the body temperature by toning down its temperature, it has to burn calories, which results weigh loss. Means the red pepper ignites and accelerates body’s thermal rate which promotes higher metabolism resulting more fast burning of calories.
Capsiplex Ingredients

Chili: one more spice from chili pepper. It is mainly used to enhance the thermo genic effects of capsicum. This when combines with capsicum, control appetite much better, which helps eating fewer calories, resulting weight off from the body. 

Capsiplex Side Effects?

Near about all weight loss supplements possess some chances of side effects. Sometimes there are more side effects than benefits. Side effects can be of any type harsh or medium. However, if we are talking about Capsiplex there are no complaints received about its side effects online or offline.
If we or our team received any complaint we will surely make an update here about it here.

Does Capsiplex Work Effectively?

When deciding about weight loss product some people get confused or skeptical to invest money which is quite obvious. There are chances that it will not work for you and become a big fuss for your hard earned money. But please if you are deciding about Capsiplex, be confident, it will really live up to its claims of losing weight.
Now you will ask how come we know about Capsiplex and how we are talking this much confidently. Well we have searched a lot about it and analyzed several users who took this product and get benefited from this.

Is this a Capsiplex Scam?

Absolutely NO!!
If you found some reviews about which claim that it is a bad product and can harm you with side effect then it is a negative endorsement of the product. All sellers, Endorsements and affiliates provide 100% refund guarantee, by which you can order and try this product.

Final Verdict

As per above points, you can use Capsiplex for your weight loss which is much safer and easier to use.
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A Diet Pill that Really Works – Does One Exist?

How much time have you devoted to seeking out a diet pill that really works? If you've struggled with obesity and weight loss for very long the odds are good that you've tried every possible magical pill solution on the market. Many of them have failed. Some have given you limited results. Others have had you gaining rather than losing weight. It’s easy to believe that there is no such thing as a diet pill that really works. The thing is, you know they exist. You've seen them work for other people. You just haven’t been able to find a diet pill that really works for you. At least, you haven’t found it yet.

A Diet Pill that Really Works – Does One Exist?

It’s important to point out that even when you find a diet pill that really works it won’t be a magic pill that is going to make all your weight loss issues vanish overnight. You won’t go from being a size 16 to a size 6 the week before your wedding. What will happen when you find a diet pill that really works is that you will suddenly find it isn't quite as difficult to face yet another day of dieting. You’ll see that the scales are slowly but surely making a move in the right direction. You may not be back to your skinny jeans from high school next month with a diet pill that really works but if you stick with it, you’ll surely get there.

There are some people who spend all their lives in search of a diet pill that really works. It’s hard to diet. If it wasn't hard everyone would be skinny. It’s hard to take the weight off and even when you do there is a constant struggle to maintain that weight loss you worked so hard for. Even with a diet pill that really works it is going to take a good deal of will power and determination to make it happen for you. But having a diet pill that really works will make it easier.

Don’t spend another day trying to find the one magic bullet or diet pill that really works to melt all the fat away. It doesn’t happen like that. Instead, weigh your options, pick one, and get started. You will never find a diet pill that really works if you stay on the sidelines forever and never get in it to win it with a serious weight loss effort. Make your next choice the one diet pill that really works for you.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

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Anadrox Diet Pill Reviews : Will It Give The Required Results?

What is Anadrox diet pill?

Anadrox claims to be a unique diet formula that is combined with muscle growth and extreme exercise like workouts at the gym pumping up the upper and lower body muscles. The manufacturer of this product states that it is not meant for the average customer with dieting issues and health related issues. It is meant for the sport enthusiast, trainers and body builders because it is an intense fat burner and results in extreme muscle gain through pumping. This pumping is known as a repetitive weight lifting regimen for body builders and other sport trainers who are into well-toned bodies.

Anadrox Diet Pill Review

Manufacturer details: 

This product is an oral diet pill manufactured by Maximum Human Performance, which is said to be a well-known company in the sports supplement industry.

Ingredients and their working: 

Well explained and detailed ingredient list for this product is absent from it official website, but it does state the ingredients present in this product. It is said to comprise a multitude of minerals, vitamins, NitroFolin as well as Thermo-Z7. This NitroFolin compound provides the body that much needed Nitric Oxide, thereby flooding the body with increased blood flow and ideal conditions for the fat burning. Thermo-Z7 causes adrenalin to pump throughout the body giving a wide range of increased energy and sustaining extreme exercise.

Benefits of Anadrox diet pill: 

  • This product is said to have a blend of ingredients that are beneficial to individuals who are serious about body building and muscle building. 
  • The manufacturer of this product provides a lot of information regarding the effect this product has on the body. 
  • Anadrox is relatively inexpensive and costs $24.99 for a bottle containing 112 capsules. 
  • It can be purchased from independent retailers also. 


  • Information of this product is difficult to read and understand. 
  • FAQ’s or testimonials are not available on the products website. 
  • Its ingredient amino acid Arginine can cause harm to many. 
  • This product has some very dramatic and exaggerated assertions made on its website. 
  • It targets a very small segment of the diet market. 

Side Effects: 

  • There are a lot of side effects associated with Anadrox. 
  • These side effects are like increased heart rate, shortness of breath, nausea, diarrhea, jitters, weakness, nervousness, insomnia and irritability
  • Individuals with heart conditions and other serious health factors should not use Anadrox; it is seriously not meant for the ‘faint of heart.’ 


If you are the one looking for a dietary supplement to aid weight loss then this is surely not the one meant for you. It is only a beneficial product for the muscle builders, despite of the fact that it burns fat effectively. Moreover despite of presence of most effective ingredients there are not so pleasing reviews on it.
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